Game Art

Here are some of my projects, ongoing ones and finished ones. 

It's updating continuously so make sure you come visit again sometime!

Friendly Forest

- Contribute for IMGA 2018

Haven't you also dreamt about having a wild animal of your own? A wolf, a fox or an owl? Games doesn't have such limits. This is Friendly Forest - Tame wild animals and they will help you build up your own little world in your mobile phone!

This games purpose is to be relaxing and fun. A game you want to check in sometimes to make sure your tamed animals are okay and that your friendship still is strong enough to gain cool upgrades and tame new rare animals.

Connect with your friends and escape reality for a little while.


I have a huge love for animals and butterflies, especially moths. I use to keep them as pets in real life sometimes but I also made a concept of a game or an art project I would love to finish. I think moths are a little bit underestimated and often found as disgusting or scary. But if you zoom into a little uncomfortable close and detailed view you will recognize how fluffy and cute these small little demons really are.


Cyber Riot

Cyber Riot were our 2 week project where the target audience was women and men that grew up in the mid 70th that wanted to re-experience the games they grew up with and the genre was shoot them up.


Theodor Tolstoy


The protagonist known as "Insider"

You may mistake him for being a cricket or mosquito, but believe it or not - he's a malignant butterfly that hatched too early from his cocoon. One morning in the afternoon sun when the rodent was out hunting, he was the only one to escape from his litter.

The idea came up on a Game Jam, my first game jam and my first game project ever. Tomas Lundgren, a game designer had this thought about a useless character that needs to take over other bodies to be able to survive. The result of our game became something unpleasant and a bit scary, but at the same time kind a little cute. This game shows in many ways how nature can be both rough and beautiful.